Lord DuHérisson

Two LeNeuf brothers came to New-France with their wives and children, about 1636. Michel LeNeuf, Lord DuHérisson, and Jacques LeNeuf, Lord de la Poterie.

Son of Mathieu LeNeuf, Lord DuHérisson and Jeanne LeMarchand, which married in December 1599, in the temple huguenot of Caen, in the current department of Calvados, in France. Perhaps this family has origins of nobility going up with Richard LeNeuf at the fourteen century. But, it is very difficult to establish the proof of the bond.

Lord DuHérisson, Michel, born about 1601, in Normandie, which is that weaves the bond in this genealogy, to my children. Married about 1631, in Normandie, we are unaware of the name of his wife. Their daughter Anne LeNeuf DuHérisson, born in France in 1632, became with her parents, on November 24, 1647, married the ancestor Antoine Desrosiers , born in 1619, originating from Renaison, in the district of Roanne, in Auvergne.

The grandmother, Anne LeNeuf DuHérisson, approximately 79 years old , die on October 16, 1711, while her husband Antoine Desrosiers is already deceased since August 8, 1691, at 72 years old.

The ancestor Michel LeNeuf, Lord DuHérisson, was dying on October 26, 1672, with the Immaculée-Conception of Trois-Rivières. It is possible that Jeanne Marchand, her mother, born about 1580, in Normandie, can came to New-France and was died after 1647, at Trois-Rivières, but any remainder with proven.

Bécancour represents the territorial site of three old seigniories: Dutort,  Cournoyer and Bécancour. The Dutort stronghold seems the first which was inhabited. This one belonged to the lord Michel LeNeuf Lord DuHérisson which bequeathed it to its nephew Michel Godfroy de Lintot on June 19, 1650. It is on their grounds that currently the site of the village of Bécancour is.

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